Friday, October 17, 2014

OCADU Ghost Stories Zine & Pumpkinpalooza

Seen ghosts at OCAD? Have a feeling we're not alone in this school? Put your experiences to paper by contributing to the first initiative for this iteration of the OCADU Zine Collective!

The collective reconvened for the 2014-2015 school year at the beginning of October and, for our first project, we decided to get spooky. Many of us have heard ghost stories from staff who have been at OCAD for years, or students who have felt a creepy presence when working late. So we're putting together a collection of ghost stories about OCAD.

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Submissions can include:
  • Personal stories/comics/illustrations of encounters with ghosts at OCAD
  • Fictional ghost stories relating to OCAD
  • Drawings/photographs/collages of ghostly things
If you need help with ideas, supplies to put together your submission, or just want company while you're working on your contribution, join us on Tuesday, October 21 (at 1pm) for a zine making day in the Learning Zone (main floor, 113 McCaul).

Send your spooky submissions to ocadzinelibrary (at) gmail (dot) com by October 27th.

The zine will be released on October 30th at a launch party/pumpkin carving contest in the Student Gallery (52 McCaul). The event (n partnership with the Writing and Learning Centre) will featuring zine readings and a parade of jack-o-lanterns. Costumes are encouraged.

You can also take part the pumpkin carving contest by stopping by the Learning Zone from October 28th-30th to get your hands dirty. The winner of the pumpkin carving contest gets an Above Ground gift certificate.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

International Zine Month calendar

Each July Alex Wrekk creates a calendar of suggested events and activities for zinesters. This years list is available here. Inspired by Wrekk's calendar, OCAD Zine Library made its own calendar, geared more toward people who may never have made or read a zine before. Our calendar is up next to the zine collection throughout July.

The calendar includes activities such as visiting websites for the POC Zine Project, QZAP and Zine Wiki to learn more about a diverse collection of zine makers; starting a zine event with friends; visiting zine stores and libraries online and across Toronto; and reading zines from the OCAD Zine Library's collection.

Check out the OCAD Zine Library's Facebook page for daily Int'l Zine Month calendar updates.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Celebrate International Zine Month With Us July 16th

In 2009, July was declared International Zine Month by frequent zine maker and author Alex Wrekk. In honour of International Zine Month 2014, the OCAD Zine Library is also partnering with the Toronto Zine Library and Broken Pencil magazine to host an event where attendees can immerse themselves in zines on many levels.

Starting at 5pm on Wednesday, July 16th, attendees can come to OCAD University's Learning Zone to hang out, read zines, make zines, collage, make buttons, write letters and listen to readings by zine makers.

There will be a comfortable zine reading area where visitors can look at the over 2,000 zines in OCAD Zine Library's collection. A large maker station will be set up with zine making, collaging and letter writing supplies where attendees are welcome to create whatever they want. Visitors are also invited to either bring images or use the available materials to make their own buttons with a button maker we'll have on site. Buttons are 4 for $1, but you can have your first button for free! Zine readers will be announced shortly, so check back here, or at our Facebook event, for more information.

Finding the Learning Zone: We're located at 113 McCaul, though you can also access the building (a bit closer to the entrance to the Learning Zone) at 122 St. Patrick Street. We are the large glassed in room on the main floor near the Grange Food Court. There is a passkey lock on the door to the Learning Zone, so please knock to gain access.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 6th Annual OCAD U Zine Fair is coming back to inspire and entertain again! The lobby of 100 McCaul will be packed with vendors selling zines and self-published materials on March 13th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Join the event!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nano Publishing Student Zines

Every year, Shannon Gerard's Nano Publishing class makes zines and other artist multiples. Their latest creations have just arrived at the Learning Zone including an art zine about feet, an etiquette guide in comic form and a series of postcards featuring x-rayed hands. 

Just above the general zine collection, we have put together a display of these new additions to the collection, as well as some items from past years so that you can easily browse the objects that have come out of the Nano Publishing: Independent Publications course. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Zines! New Zines!

Eat to the Beat: a rock'n'roll cookzine
Tara Bursey
"I embarked on this project because so many of my friends in 'rock'- whether they be musicians, DJ's, record store clerks, recording engineers or record collectors - are also total foodies," says Bursey. Featuring music and food in one tasty package. 

Idle Labour
Woodsy adventures meets (sub)urban beer drinking and appearances from cats and dogs. An intriguing photographic work. 

In Bloom 
A timely work with the coming of fall and winter this zine speaks to our "collection" of summers: "I've seen a lifetime of summers come and go; I've witnessed twenty-four seasons of storms, sweat and swarms pass by..."   

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Zine Library Acquisitions

Singles: a collection of punk romance short fiction
Chris Eng

The stories in this collection of short fiction are tied together by the theme of young punks navigating relationships. Some of the relationships we encounter are brand new (the shy guy meets comic shop worker girl who schools him in Doctor Who knowledge), some are casual (the on-again off-again couple who stop in an alleyway for a foiled quickie) and others are being nurtured (the collection is bookended by anniversary stories). Not all of them have happy endings, and there's even a twisted version of O. Henry's Gift of the Magi (better known to me as the Bert and Ernie Christmas gift exchange story) midway through the collection in the story "Feel Good Factor."

Stop by and read about punks in love.

Crud Three
Vicki Nerino

Vicki Nerino's Crud series features characters who live in a sewer doing appropriately disgusting things, like blowing snot on the cloth of a hot air balloon to mend it, and pooing off the edge of the balloon's basket (made of a garbage can) to propel it off the ground.

But each story is really about friendship and the struggles to keep friends safe and sound. With minimal dialogue, Crud Three follows the search for a turtle named Tuna through this underground mess.

If you like gross mixed in with tales of friendship, Vicki's work is for you!

How the world actually works: unscientifically proven facts from Finland
Liisa Aaltio

"Modern world theories, the development of science and growing technology has, for a long time, fogged our knowledge of the real facts about how the world actually works," writes Liisa Aaltio. She then proceeds to share "8 unscientifically proven facts" she learned growing up in Finland that explain everyday events.

Each fact is accompanied by drawings illustrating the point. Facts include collecting and placing flowers under your pillow to see your future spouse in your dreams, home gnomes who live behind fireplaces and mess up your house if you behave "improperly," and trolls that will build houses in your teeth if you don't brush the sugar away before bed.

Hello Sunshine
Emily Taylor

Using non-traditional storytelling — with images surrounding the text rather than following a paneled comic structure — this zine tells an abstract story of spending summers in a cabin and the experiences the characters (or the author) have with surrounding nature.

This brightly coloured, accordion folded zine depicts summery things such as triangular cabins, foxes, girls in summer dresses, forests and preserves such as jellies and jams.